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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From Mrs to Mommy: Is it safe to eat durian and ice-cream during pregnancy?

At first, he never ever want to let me eat ice-cream, cold drinks during my pregnancy. Sometimes I really craving for them, cause during pregnancy, our body temperature is warmer and what I need it something COLDDD and REFRESHINGGGGG.... (oucchhh...it is sound like excuses lol)

We hardly find the correct answers from the internet. There's a pro and cons. And this rebel husband keep insist on his decision while me as a notty mom2be always love to eat n drink them (not soft drink) secretly hahahahaha....

So I decided to ask my gynaecology,on my last appointment with him (of course in front of him)...

Me: Doctor, Can I ask you something? Is it OK for pregnant woman eat ice-cream?

Doctor: OK...I know a lot of people ask you not to but just be logic and think about it by yourself. What is your body temperature? around 37C right?! so whenever you drink a cold or hot water, our body will automatically adjust that cold drinks or ice cream or hot drinks become our body temperature so not to worry about that.

Me: So how about durian?

Doctor: Durian? hm... as long as moderate like two seeds a day should be okay but not for pregnant mums with gestational diabetes. Durian is a high-calorie plus high sugar fruits so imagine if a pregnant woman eats a lot of durian (147 calories in 100 grams) which make her fat with high sugar body, indirectly the baby who live inside her tummy will live in a high sugar environment. And of course that's not good for the baby who use to be live in a high sugar environment from their early stage and do you aware that baby's blood indirectly also contain of high sugar blood. This can lead to high chance of obesity when he/she reach 30 in their ages. 

AHAHAHA... from there onwards, he never complain whenever I have a cold drinks :D

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