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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Myday: Priority Seat and Pregnancy Badge

Yeah, like many other countries around the world, Singapore has introduced this priority seats on mrt/train. In some countries, most people will try to avoid and sit at the priority seats so it will be always available to those who need it ( elderly, injured, pregnant women, small children and families with small children)

So does it mean that you won't give up your seat to those who need it if you are sitting on general seat? And indirectly the people who sit in priority seats is the only person who suppose to give up their seats.

There's a lot of cases happened in Singapore just because of this priority seats. Some people die die also don't want to give up their seat because they think that they pay for the ticket so WHY SHOULD they give up their seat.

In my opinion I think everyone should give up their seats inregardless where you sit for those who need it the most.

Haha...I didn't say that just because now I'm one of those who need it. Sometimes, I'm the one who gave up my seat to those elderly because unfortunately the rest of seated passengers were either suddenly fainted, eye-blurry or sleeping. Haiz...well they paid for the train tickets so AGAIN WHY SHOULD they give up their seat lol.

Sometimes as one of those needy person, we need to know how to feel gratitude and say thanks to people who hv gave up their seat for us. I know some of those needy person are very rude, never say thank you and very Ya-Ya and acted like he/she MUST give up their seat for him/her.

How true is it??? I personal doubt it :P

Pregnancy/Maternity badge in Japan

pregnant pregnancy maternity badge Japanese train Japan

I think Singapore need this pregnancy/maternity badge, so all pregnant women can proudly hang their badge either in their handbag or wear it. (I WANT ITTTT hahahah)

Cause most of the time you can't tell especially in the first and second trimester (and rude to ask) IF she is pregnant or having a bloated belly or maybe ate too much :P hahaha

How to survive (protect your babybump) in a packed mrt/train or bus

Nowadays, many buses and Mrt tend to be packed anytime, anyday and anyhour. Some people will know how to queue and stand aside to let other people's out first but some people bo chap (don't care). They won't queue, they stand in the middle of the door.

Yesterday, I did experience for 3 things in 1 journey home from work (PISS OFF!!!!)

1. The guy who stand behind me on the queueing line keep pushing me with his bag while the Mrt door wasn't fully opened and even the passenger inside hadn't alight yet. I turned around and gave him WTF face but seems like he didn't care (he is an executive staff from his office attire)

2. When I went in, the mrt was in a very packed conditions ( I stand close to the door like that pink color shirt lady in the pic). Suddenly two students using her backpacked-bag try to squeeze in and swing her bag towards my babybump. Fortunately, I put my hands on my belly and I pushed her bag and said "excuse me" and again she only say sorry but still keep try to squeeze-in and feel bo chap (don't care). Along the journey, she keep swinging her hand up and down cause she was playing with her mobile. I was very afraid that her elbow will hit my bump so I kept my hands around my belly and kept watching her stupid swinging hand)

3. For the second time, I was being pushed again from behind by this rushing middle-age uncle inside the up-escalator. Again gave him WTF face...

These all are what I think of in order to protect my babybump hahah, hubby always ask me to buy the baby bath-tub and hang it over my neck to protect the lil one lol...
Any good idea to share???
How to protect your babybump inside packed Mrt/train/bus from inconsiderate people.
1. Baby bath tub 2. Big Frypan 3. Float 4. Umbrella Hang it around your neck ❤

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