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Thursday, September 12, 2013

From Mrs to Mommy: Knitting for him

As a keypoh Mommy, I love to do something handmade to my lil one,and crafting is one of my list hehe....so after browsing on the internet, I found Knotty Bicsie. She provide free trial for first knitter like me...and there's no hard selling for you to join her lesson after the free trial. The instructor and also the owner, Ms Betsy is a very cute, bubbly and super friendly instructor. 
Ms.Betsy :)
Ok...ok..back to main topic...
This is my first project and still on going...hahaha...
And this is my second project and also still on going hahaha...keypoh Mommy want to try to make lil love blanket to her lil dear dear haahahah
This how we spent our Saturday night, he worked and I knitted lol
Love blanket that I want to make :)

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