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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Health : Reveal the Korean Actresses’ dieting secrets

junjihyunJun Ji Hyun has a body that every woman will die for; what’s her secret to this? It’s the Da Vinci Diet. Simply put, its means the intake on carbohydrates, protein and fats to follow the ratio of 52: 20: 25. She thinks this diet is best for her due to her weakness for bread and other carbohydrate-rich food. It does not require her to get off carbohydrates totally and thus is not difficult to follow. Her personal view on this diet is that it is not a get-thin-quick program, it only shows results in the long-term and exercise is still a must to shed off those calories. So ladies, if you have a weakness for noodles, rice, pasta, bread and etc, this diet might be worth to try since it’s about eating in moderation. Since carbs take up 50%, perhaps you can work out in such a way where you consume carbs during one of the main meals like breakfast and then stay off carbs for lunch and dinner.
Lee Hyo Lee has to thank Pilates for her washboard abs. In fact, a lot of Korean female celebrities love Pilates. The exercises and stretches are great for toning up the body and increasing flexibility. However, do take note that one should not rely solely on Pilates. Like Yoga, it’s great for toning and flexibility. For losing weight, the best way is still through cardio exercises for burning off the fats and then Pilates or yoga for toning up or building flexibility.
Ock Joo Hyun is famous for her transformation from being an overweight actress to one with a hot-hot-hot body! What is her success secret? It’s a combination of Yoga plus cardio exercises and intake of food that are rich in protein. She follows a strict diet of not taking any complex carbohydrates and salty food, and mainly consumes vegetables and chicken breast meat. As for Yoga, she claims that doing the half-moon pose on a daily basis is very effective for slimming down the waist area.
BOA has to credit ballet for her svelte figure. Besides being great for building good postures, ballet is also good for shedding off the fat and maintaining a slim waist. Due to a higher amount of legwork in ballet, it is great as a form of lower body exercise and is especially good for toning the legs. However, ballet only work in long-term and one has to practice it for at least 6 months before it shows any results.
In the drama <Love Generation>, Sun Ye Jin acted as swimming coach, where she had the chance to flaunt her to-die-for figure. She had to thank crunches for giving her rock hard abs. Besides this, she also does toning and stretching work for an hour everyday and end it off by spinning with a hula hoop to give the abs area a complete workout.
Chae Yeon
Sexy Korean actress Chae Yeon’s has a very interesting way to keep her tummy flat, and that is using her belly button. She will place a button in her belly button and then tighten her abs to prevent the button from falling down. This exercise also helps to improve blood circulation around the tummy area and helps to release toxins from the body. Some people even claimed that this exercise had help them to reduce tummy fats, prevent constipation and reduce weight. – Korean Fashion Online
Kim Ah Jeong
Another ‘S’ league actress, Kim Ah Jeong, credits skipping as her way to keeping her tummy flat. Not only this exercise is beneficial to the overall body, it is particularly helpful in slimming down the tummy area. Like her, by keeping up the discipline to skip 3000 times daily, you will notice the fat around your abs will melt away slowly. Besides skipping, Kim Ah Jeong also drinks black vinegar to reduce the fat and sugar content in the blood.
Lee Tae Ran
Lee Tae Ran is well known for her flexibility in the Korean entertainment circuit. She does stretches & toning activities whenever she has the time for it. Besides this, she also workout in the gym, golf and ice-skate regularly to maintain her fab figure.
fyen[8]Which one will you choose? :P eniwei happy dieting in this summer to look fabulous and good Yay!!!

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