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Friday, July 2, 2010

Myday : Rainbow after the rain

rain1It’s raining again…no wonder last few weeks Orchard road magically become Orchard river. I hate thunders cause they woke me up in the middle of the night, but as usual, I always easily felt asleep again huehue…

Some hate rain, some love it…Like myself, I hate it on weekday because you will fell extra lazy to wake up while it was raining and you will get wet before reach the office :( . But sometimes I love it…raining always remind me back the memories, I still remember the day in Sydney, just sitting near the balcony enjoying the sound of the rain and sipping the hot chocolate….It was just awesome… And one more memory that I love is I saw a couple kissing in the Sydney Central Park inside their umbrella (I saw them from the bus which happened to pass by) ~ just so romantic,sounds like one of the script in Korean drama right :P)

I found some cool pictures of raining days and one poem that I love to share with ♥

Rainbow after the rain

In hard times painted of hurt,
frustration of life, discouraging
experience and people around,
Life with full of adversity, struggle
everywhere encounter, never
ending passage of different stages of life battle,
Tears falling like rain, can't dried it
with affection, can't pamper with love,
the hurt deep as an ocean blow up
like angry wave,
How long it goes in life?

Every dessert of life has something
can't explain but there's a beauty
in it, every side of things has an opposite,
happiness to sadness, hate to love,
hardship to enjoyable life, in this
we have life to hope and believe that we
someday in time we experience the life
of good things and pleasurable day
of time life, the rainbow after
the rain of life, enjoy it.


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