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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Myday : My cooking virtual guru

I love to watch cooking videos from youtube… Just enjoying the way they cook and make the dishes :)

Here’s some recommended guru that I love to subscribe :D

1. maangchi02  Maangchi

Korean, cute, lovely, friendly and talented….I love all her videos….love the way    she prepare,cook and present. She always respond to all her fans whether on her website or youtube website…she even give you some tips and try to do some research for us so that we know where we can get the korean ingredients in our country (so that’s why I say she is very friendly).

2. cwd-thumbCooking with dog

Love the way she do all the dishes…very easy steps to follow…has her own style which seems like everything just so easy (actually not cause I failed to do it haha LOL). A very good chef for Japanese food, a next iron chef ? :D

3. nicko Nicko’s Kitchen

Oz, a more western style foods…He has some youtube channel’s such as Nicko’s baby food recipe, Nicko’s bakery and Nicko’s kitchen.

4. onepotchef  One Pot Chef

Oz as well, cute,love his blue eyes haha…love the way he talk :P…anyway he is just a very fun chef :).

fyen[8] For the moment, they are all my top 4 virtual chefs…

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