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Friday, July 2, 2010

Myday : Three wise monkeys

三匹の猿[sanbiki no saru /three monkeys]

Mizaru …see no evil…

Kikazaru…hears no evil…

Iwazaru…speaks no evil…

A very simple life, a very complicated though

One step back, hurt no one

Arrggghh…so many things running through my mind now :P . Becoming a middle man instantly was a big no no to me. Honestly, I am not a person who can speaks no evil (ok…I’m still a “normal” human being who still have feelings haha). But I try to become one…

Heard from two different points of views from two different people…hmm…only one word can describe this situation which is “misunderstanding”. Sometimes we know that telling the truth right away is quite hard and difficult and not everyone can do it because of the consequences. Firstly, the counter person will instantly hate you as being to straight forward. Secondly, you will gradually lose your friends. But personally I will try to tell what I like and dislike to that person on the spot (that’s my ego). Because if you don’t, you will tell other friends about the feeling  that you can’t express out. And you know what, you give troubles to that friend.

I need to pretend that I know nothing and act like I’m on his/her side (as I said before, I can’t see who’s right or wrong as misunderstanding is their issues). What happen if someday one of them know that actually I knew everything, I knew what’s going on?? Will both of them hate me of being a “fake friend” “liar” “a-good-or-nice-girl?” >.<

If only everyone can express their true feeling, won’t it better?

fyen[8]All I can do now is “do no evil” 

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