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Friday, July 16, 2010

Music : Wang Lee Hom newest album - Eighteen Types of Martial Arts (十八般武藝 - Shi Ba Ban Wu Yi)

It’s Lee Hom again…another new album after his “Heart Beat” album…Oh my gosh..time flies…and I’m waiting for his next concert in Singapore, absolutely must goooo…yeay…

Anyway…this new album , Eighteen Types of Martial Arts (十八般武藝 - Shi Ba Ban Wu Yi), is sold officially on last 14 July 2010 in Taipei. Haven’t got mine yet…maybe it is still a pre-order in here.  And have you guys check out his newest MV? a lovely MV, a very simple song, simple lyrics but a very good and deep meanings inside. 柴米油鹽醬醋茶 (Chai Mi You Yan Jiang Cu Cha - firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Paste, Vinegar, Tea ~ Daily Necessities) which he collaborated with Vivian Hsu to paint a picture of simple and ordinary happiness. As he believed that woman will know more about family than a man hehe…

As a superstar, Leehom absolutely have no time for his family and himself and sometimes he just feel regret. If you ask him how many times he had a family dinner at home in one year, it will be no more than five times.

From his baby nephew growing up to his friends getting married and starting families, these are things Leehom can only hear of, but not experience it himself. Others are busy towards advancing their lives, while he is busy working towards his dream. Year after year, there is always a new dream waiting for him to pursue. When his mother went to Taipei to visit him, all she could do was watch him working from behind. Hurrying here and there, Leehom forgot to pour his mother a cup of tea and could not settle down enough for a good meal with her. Sometimes when he worked, he didn't even spare her a glance from start to end. Even after he heard the door close, it wasn't until much later before he realized: she had already left.

Having dabbled as a movie director, Leehom placed even higher demands on the quality of the MV. Besides spending NT$2,000,000, hiring 30 staff members, renting professional movie cameras, and using 35mm film for shooting, he also personally demonstrated how to walk into place and speak the lines. In one kitchen scene, "Director Wang" personally went into battle and picked up the knife and saucepan, bringing out the rare sight of him at home.

In the year and a half since Leehom came out with an album, he has been pursuing his directing dream. Day and night, he planned for his self-directed and self-starred movie, "Love in Disguise." However, while he was working on every aspect of the movie, he could not disregard his duties as an Asian superstar. He had to promote his album overseas, make his Music-Man concert rounds, act in "Little Big Soldier," promote the movie, be the spokesperson for advertisements, and prepare for his new album. Bustling to and fro, there was no time for him to rest. Thus, he decided to used an ancient saying: "早晨開門七件事─柴米油鹽醬醋茶" (Roughly translates to: The seven things needed when opening the door in the morning - firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea) to describe his busy entertainment career and the feeling of his heart's longing to return to the ordinary.


Pursuing a dream requires paying a high price, but his family has supported him since the beginning. That kind of acceptance suddenly made him feel of twinge of guilt. On a morning when he was trying to relax himself, despite his mind still working away searching for inspiration for an album, he saw the quiet and lonely kitchen of his own home. There was a stove that had only been used to boil water and never used oil, salt, rice, vinegar, sauces... He wrote down this song starting from the thirst of his heart. He knows that there are many people like him, pursuing their dreams, forever running without stop. He knows that the world is already flowing quickly -- no one can calm down their hearts to listen to a simple story.

As a result, he wanted, even more, to use a simple title song to share happiness -- to give you a warm embrace. With its simple warm melody, the song, flavored with an erhu accompanying the guitar, brings the feeling of an ancient place hidden in a remote area -- a simple yet meaningful taste of ordinary happiness. Through this song, he wants to tell everyone that he is like everyone else, working hard to live, working hard to find his own happiness, working hard as a person pursing his dream. There might be tears and separations in the process, but he has always believe that everyone will find their place. He wishes to tell everyone that to pursue a dream in life is very important, but you should also cherish the people around you. And, more importantly, happiness is not far away, it's right in front of you as long as you know how to treasure it.leehom
Simple happiness hides in every drop of daily life waiting for you to taste.
The pre-order version of the album comes with a "Home Love" molded key, bearing Leehom's signature, of your choosing.This key is made from a real key mold. Leehom hopes that when you meet the right person in your life, you can give this key to the other. It represents a family, a room, and a heart wishing for another to come open. And, together, make the promise of happiness.

Sources: leehom-cn.com, UDN, Sony Music, YesAsia,officialwangleehom@youtube

(Is it mean that Leehom did it by himself :P)

Lyrics : Chinese, translation and pin yin ~ enjoy:D
小時候 你想要什麽
Xiao shi hou ni xiang yao shen me
When you were young, what did you want

Wo yao yi tai da da lan se de fei ji
I wanted a large blue airplane

Dai wo huan you shi jie
To take me around the world

Dai di qiu mei yi ge jiao luo
To every corner of the earth

Zai lan tian bai yun zhong chuan suo
Going back and forth among the white clouds in the blue sky

而長大以後 我想要什麽
Er zhang da yi hou wo xiang yao shen me
And after I grew up, what did I want

Wo yao yi tai xiao xiao hong se dai lu ji
I wanted a tiny red answering machine

He ni yi qi lu xia
To record together with you

喂 我們現在不在家
Wei wo men xian zai bu zai jia
Hello, we are not home right now
Lan se bian cheng hong se yin wei ni
The blue turned into red because of you

Chai mi you yan jiang cu cha
Firewood, rice, oil, salt, paste, vinegar, tea

Yi dian di dou shi xing fu zai fa ya
Every single drop is happiness sprouting
Yue er wan wan ai de sha
The crescent moon shines over love's foolishness

You le ni shen me dou bu cha
I lack nothing when I have you

Back to *
Back to **
Gei ni kuai le wu lun bai tian hei ye
Providing you with happiness whether it's day or night

Wo jin shuang shou jiu suan gua feng xia yu
Grasping both hands tightly even if it's windy and rainy

Wo jiu shi yao ni
I just want you

Yao ni dai zai wo shen bian
Want you to stay by my side

Bao hu ni zhi dao yong yuan
Protecting you eternally

Back to **
Yue er wan wan ai de sha
The crescent moon shines over love's foolishness

Mei you yi ge li you
There is no reason

Huo de name fu za
To live so complicated

You le ni shen me dou bu cha

I lack nothing when I have you



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