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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Day: Oh..My Indonesia >.<

Indonesia, my unique lovely country...

First there was a dangdut singer Rhoma Irama elects himself as a 2014 presidential candidate. And now there's another joker, Farhat Abbas a lawyer who also elects himself as a 2014 presidential candidate. He has a BIG ambitions, BIG bullshits, BIG mouth, BIG intentions to run with the aim of fixing Indonesia within a very short period. ( woohooo...BIG applause for him)

Yeah, he has aimed and dreamed of being a candidate since college and now he is using "Aku Indonesia" as his campaign slogan.

Points about him:
  • "Aku Indonesia" - Using "Aku" instead of "Saya", means he wants to show off his power. "Aku" is used to indicate a higher status than the speaker or at least the equivalent of one to talk to, "Aku" is more egalitarian than "Saya". source
  • He has more than one wives and always being gossiped to have mistress ( not a faithful husband so how can he handle a country)
  • Only know how to spread hatred on twitter. (Be realistic bro, using scapegoat to make yourself looks better is just a lame tactics). 
  • Keep busying himself tweeting every hours, every minutes and sometimes every seconds (doesn't he need to work?) @farhatabbaslaw ( go and check it out...will bring a lot of jokes of the day to you :)
  • Using inappropriate wordings on his twitter
  • A very lame seeker attention  
  • Super in-love with Jokowi and Ahok ( always tweets about them) ~love in the air..wooohooo...
  • Sumpah pocong is his fav. 
Anyway, good to know that such person exist in my country... he really knows how to entertain people. I know nothing about politics, but he make me want to know more about my country politics haha...and one reason why I follow his twitter because his tweets real damn entertain. LOL
When a great leader do truly great, they wont say it out loud .Only unintelligent people always look for a scapegoat :D 



  1. You know, if either he or rhoma becomes the president, it's gonna be so interesting whenever they appear in public or take a family photo. Why?
    Because we're gonna have more than one first ladies! LOL! Or maybe Indonesia can be the first country to have first mistresses! Wkkk

  2. yay...if rhoma becomes president:
    1. Indonesia Raya will be in dangdut version
    2. All men must go for circumcise
    3. Everyone need to know how to dance and sings dangdut
    4. Indonesia will be Dangdut country

    if farhat [fc**hard] becomes president:
    1. twitter will be one of the main media to communicate
    2. No more meeting will be held, cause they will use twitter as its media
    3. he will too busy to tweet rather than lead this country (cause he is a lame attention seeker)
    4. he won't be respected by other people cause he doesn't know what is called "respect"
    5. there will be no more "Sumpah Pemuda", only "Sumpah Pocong"
    6. Looking for Scapegoat is his talent
    7. Indeed, no more first lady...there will be second, third and forth lady...

    Conclusion : both of them are just attention seeker, I bet if they lost in this Presidential candidate. Both will join entertainment industries (aka main sinetron hahaha). So Coming Soon "Tersanjung F**khard" "Satu jam berdangdut ria" bla bla bla...

    Anyway...I still love my Indonesia ( a unique country)

    1. I missed the interview of Rhoma on Metro TV (Mata Najwa) :(
      They said it was like super duper funny to watch


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