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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MyDay: NIGHTMARE..I'm going botak (baldness) soon ;(

Huhu....Am I going botak (baldness) soon? there are 3 critical points aiyooyoo... *sob sob*

Luckily, my sponsored saloon (Ms. Nancy from NU Salon - will talk about them more later) asked me to use these products... hope they help... I use them daily so will update you guys later after 2 weeks... ( I don't want to wear any wings till 60s maybe :P)

Scalp shampoo + Aroma Hair Spa for scalp + Hair Mask
Hair Tonic for my baldness ;(

1 comment:

  1. Bride's Blue? Or stress from the whole planning for the W-day process?
    (That's why I ask u if u got something old, something new & something borrowed, something blue to ward off this kinda things LOL - Mr. Superstitious a.k.a. Pak-kong in action)


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