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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MyDay: 2013 First letter for Him

2012 ~
Thanks for being someone who is prepared for:

  • sad/ happy tears
  • millions silly questions from me
  • my best fren, best tutor, best advisor
  • useless arguments :P
  • uncontrollable laughter
  • sing and dance crazily
  • travel to somewhere new
  • take dumb pictures
  • watch movies
  • acceptance of the real me
Last but not least...thanks for showing me your world :)
Happy New Year
From your Wife-to-be


  1. A public love letter! Wuihhh :p
    A lil birdy told me u'll be wearing a piece by Vera Wang on ur W-day. So I try to check out if u put it on dis blog :D

  2. wow...who's that lil birdy??
    yeay... I will...lalala..they will deliver it today..yay... so excited... :D
    I didn't post anything here la...(biar lbh seru)
    eniwei VW will be only worn in Singapore...Indo e another one... but let's see how it goes hehehe


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