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Friday, January 11, 2013

MyDay : Lunch @ Dining Hall Buddha Tooth Relics Temple - Chinatown

Thanks to Wenny who introduced me this makan place... 100% vegetarian

It's on basement level, so you need to stairs one level down. You can either choose their a la-carte special dish (everyday has its own speciality) or either you choose from their ready cooked vege. The unique of it that there's no cash register, so you just put your money on the donation box there. (Usually they charge SGD3 for 3vege dishes). If you don't have any small notes, you can ask them to give you changes. .

I never try their a la-carte special so I have no idea how much is it. This makan place is manage by the temple itself, so I think all the helpers there are volunteer :)

I love the environment there...so peaceful... absolutely will come back again

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