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Sunday, January 6, 2013

MyDay: How to order Coffee (Kopi) in Singapore n Malaysia

Monday blues...Sleepy Monday.. you name it =_= and I've got meeting today...Oh My God...
I need Kopi Peng... Kopi Peng means Ice Coffee in Singapore.

After more than four years in Singapore, I only know how to order Ice Coffee which is Kopi Peng ( Kopi = Coffee; Peng = Ice) and Ice Milk Tea - Teh Peng ( Teh= Tea ; Peng = Ice) haaahha...shame on me...

Thanks to below poster so that I can order my Kopi like a pro in Singapore n Malaysia :D (yeay)


  1. Lah-i-lah, pesen kopi aja menunya asli rempong rancakbana!
    Tapi mmg khas Peranakan Chinese bngt ya... maybe starbucks got frappucinno and all but we got kopi-oh & teh-ni, LOL

  2. Replies
    1. Teh is tea, Ni is milk
      So,Teh-Ni is milk-tea wkkk


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