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Thursday, January 3, 2013

MyDay: Our Old-time Candies (Vintage maybe?!)

If you were born in 70s or 80s, you will definitely know these two products
A Candies/ Chocolate with mysterious toys inside. I always thought they are from Japan, but I'm wrong. They are originally from Malaysia , Kinos Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhd. (Malaysia Boleh!)

When I saw them in Jusco Johor Bahru, I'm so happy cause this is like nostalgic, remembering how I used to pursue my mom to buy me this or else I need to spare my pocket money in order to buy them. And now I found them and of course I bought both of them. ( Tho the chocolate inside is not a very good type of chocolate, I mean "yucks" but who cares lol)

After I un-boxed them, I found a pair of small plastic handcuff(?!?! for my barbie dolls maybe? lol) and another one is whistle ( ok fair enough cause I can give them to my fiance's nephew).

 Well, at least I had released all my curiosity towards them and nothing special except for the feeling of wondering what kind of toys you can find behind this mysterious box :)



  1. Very nostalgic isn't it? Kids bought it for the choco balls and the extra toys :D

  2. lol...the choco balls suckkksssss... n the toys is actually only cost u less than 0.6RM (Rp 1,900)- after convert to Rp, seems like not worth at all spend that money for such a mysterious box


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