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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Myday: Early New Year Celebration

Happy New Year all...
There were Ups and Downs through this 2012.
Some of my 2012 highlights:

  • Travel to somewhere news - Bangkok, Redang, Taiwan, GuangZhou, Bali
  • Start a joyful new job in mid of May
  • Family trip to Taiwan :)
  • Bought Kitchen Aid (Yay :p)
  • Being engaged with my prince in Taipei 101
  • Lost my used-to-be good fren ( well...future is uncertain, wish him the best)
  • Lost my little dog Meggie (sob sob...)
  • Little Sidney is coming to Ng's family :)
  • Experienced of what they call "bride's cold feet"
  • Making a lot of new great friends and also learn to know who is you real and "wayang" friends :)
  • Survivor of Mayan's doomsday 21.12.12
Anyway...thanks to Arifin n Dyana for hosting these awesome gathering on 30 Dec 2012

From our great patisserie chef- Ms. Yenti 

Lol...all junk foods...yes...we were way too lazy to cook :P

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