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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recipe : Bird's Nest soup (燕窝)

Hulla... Now I'm taking 2 spoons of bird's nest soup every midnight until I deliver this lil one :).
Bird's nests (燕窝)
What is bird's nest soup?
- It is a traditional (like hundred of years) pricey Chinese delicacy although they are only swallow's saliva nests. They are expensive due to the difficulty in harvesting. Bird's nest is very rich in nutrients as it contains the digested food of swallows and they are formed using their saliva.

What is the benefit?
- help to stimulate appetite and aids in digestion
- contains of several proteins and minerals that help develop the generation and growth of human cells
- rejuvenates the human skin, smooth the skin and maintain eternal beauty
- increases the immune system
- contains of the epidermal growth factor
- can alleviate tiredness, relieve spiritual pressure and recover body strength
- good for asthma and who are always catching the cold or flu
- good for smoker as well as it can help to cleanse and rid the lungs of pollutants and toxins

Benefit for pregnant lady (only drink it after 5 months until deliver)
- help to develop baby's smooth skin 
[proved by my mom, cause my mom drank a lot of bird's nest soup while she was pregnant me. Now, I have a really good and smooth skin , pinky cheeks, and fair skin (thanks to my mom hehe) - FYI, I never use any blush on and I rarely have pimples :) ]
- boost the immune system for both mom and baby
This is me without make-up :P
When and what is the right portion to eat bird nest soup?
- Bird's nest soup best consume everyday in small portion ( 2 spoons), rather than eat it in big portion once. By doing so, the body can fully utilised (absorb) the bird nest.
- Eat it in the middle of the night or early morning with empty stomach
Our small portion of bird's nest every night :)
Where to get it?
- Indonesia is the largest supplier of Bird's nests in the world. I got mine from my hubby hahaha...cause he also sell it so lucky me :)

How to cook?
  • Dry yen-wo ( Soak the bird's nest in cold water about half an hour until softened. Usually I will still try to find is there any impurities such as debris and feathers inside, pluck them out using kitchen tweezers)
  • Water ( you can put more water if you like to drink it)
  • red dates ( pluck out the inside little seeds)
  • goji
  • rock sugar

  1. Clean all the ingredients, drain the bird's nets
  2. Mix all the ingredients and the bird nest inside a big bowl
  3. Double boil it for about half an hour ( I use electric double boilers, so I only need not more than half an hour to cook it)
  4. After cooked, let it cool down and keep it inside the fridge
Also read here to get the details benefit of above Chinese herbs


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