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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

weTalk: #7 Baby Bump Part II

12.08.2013 - Monday

Those morning, I felt like my belly has shrunk. It looked flatter so I faster Whatsapp Mr.Ng...

me: Dear dear...baby bump is gone today ;( my tummy seems to be flat today

me: seems like baby is playing hide and seek >.<

Mr.Ng: =.=!

Mr.Ng: Maybe because you pangsai la ( after poop so my tummy become flat)

Mr.Ng: Take a pic and show me

*sending picture to Mr.Ng*

me: used to be bigger leee

Mr.Ng: Who take pic for u?

Mr.Ng: Still big la =.=!

me: hahaha i went to toilet then self pic la

me: aboden?

Mr.Ng: LoL... Still big la

me: but usually bigger le...

me: ok la ok la

Mr.Ng: LoL Hahaha...

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