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Friday, August 23, 2013

weTalk: #10 Tarepanda-ing baby

Surprisingly lil one Baby S knows how to rolling inside my belly but not kicking yet lol...

On 20th Aug 2013 around 11 pm...
me: I'm going to sleep now...come come...kiss kiss

*He came towards me and gv me a kiss and then talked to Baby S*

Mr.Ng: Baby, don't be notty a... grow up faster, listen to mommy daddy, be filial, when you grow up be a handsome yet smart boy... Ok, now it's time for you to sleep le... so good night, daddy love you...

me: good night little dear dear...love you *rub my baby bump*

Suddenly, I can feel his move

me: Dear, baby is moving le...

Mr.Ng: Really? hahaha....

me: yah...maybe because he heard your voice hehe...

*rub baby bump*

me: ok....go to sleep liao ya...wan an baby


22nd Aug 2013, while waiting for him to come to Ang Mo Kio, his sister's home.


me: wru?

Mr.Ng: mrt...

me: seems like baby is tarepanda-ing inside 

Mr.Ng: How he tarepanda-ing?

me: dunno le...can feel his move lol... just now feel dizzy a lil bit...siao liao dunno what happen to me ;(

Mr.Ng: Then don't walk 1st. Stop then wait a while, then look for a place to rest. Probably you have not used to it. Since baby is growing a few micrometer everyday. Wru now?

me: on the way to Sis's house

Mr.Ng: I think sis haven't reached yet. You sitting in the garden there a?

me: Yes... talking to my tarepanda-ing baby lol

Mr.Ng: Lol...I'm coming soon dear. See you shortly

*another 15mins*

me: got tikussss (mouse)

Mr.Ng: Lol, it's ok. it's my friend go there to protect you. So he make some noise so that other insect or animal dare not come nearby loh. Tips for survival...

me: shit...don't want...afraid le... hate tikus...

Mr.Ng: they won't bite one. wru?

me: move near lift...don't want... super scary le...siao liao (crazy)... just now he made a noise "shrek shrek shrek" so I aware... If not he suddenly jump to me then I faint liao

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