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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

weTalk: #5 7th month

Yesterday, 6th Aug 2013 was the eve of Hungry Ghost month. And I tried not to remember it cause I am a sissy little girl who really afraid of such things. 

12:45pm Suddenly I felt hungry and ask Mr.Ng to accompany me makan "eat"

me: I'm hungry... *half sleep half awake*

Mr.Ng: go makan la... *still watching his TV series*

me: lazy le...I want to sleep but I'm hungry...then how a??

Mr.Ng: go makan la...later baby hungry , how?

me: then you help me prepare milk la... I want to sleep

*then he drag me out to kitchen n prepare the oat cereal milk*

Mr.Ng: I also feel hungry le...

me: hahaha...cause our dinner was too little...lots of vegetables only lol
Our Tuesday dinner * looks like my portion is much more than his lol..*
*he is preparing his bread with lots and lots of nutella on the top of his bread*

me: wah....a lot of nutella...siao...

Mr.Ng: I like it...

*After finish our supper*

me: seems like I want to poop 

Mr.Ng: ok...then I balik kamar first ( I go back bedroom first)

*suddenly I half run back to bedroom*

Mr.Ng: Why so fast?

me: I heard someone yelling...wooo..wooo...woooo....scare me to death. How can I poop with that sound huuu...huu...

Mr.Ng: hahahaha...bo chap la... ( don't care la) btw where got people yelling in the middle of the night? maybe drunken? 

me: I dunno...but really I heard someone yelling...wooo...wooo....woooo *still insist*
(actually while I half ran back to the bedroom, I also smelt the burning of incense paper, but I didn't tell him)

*Try to sleep for the whole night and too bad as a preggie mom, I need to go to pee at least 2 times in one night*

me: dear...I want to pee... (usually I will go by myself but because the memory of woo..wooo.. still very fresh then I dare not to go by myself)

Mr.Ng : hhmmm..ya? *half awake* go lo... let the door open and I wait for u here

me: I run a...wait for me and make sure you are still awake ok? 

Mr.Ng: don't run a...stupid girl...ya I wait for you

*me, half ran to the toilet* 

and last night I waked him up twice, hope he won't complain to me later lol...

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