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Monday, August 5, 2013

weTalk: #4 Sai-too ( belly fat) bump or baby bump ?!?

It is part of our routines that Mr Ng will always kiss me goodnight, even if I'm already asleep. Now he need to give me and a lil one goodnight kiss every night :)

On my week 7:

Mr.Ng: wan an (goodnight) *kiss my forehead, lips and my belly*

me: walawee...that's my belly la...u must go a lil bit down

Mr.Ng: oh..ok ok...

On my week 13:

me: dear,where's my kiss kiss? I'm going to sleep soon

Mr.Ng: * kiss my forehead and lips*

me: baby le?

Mr.Ng: wait la...why so kan cheong? (why so harried?)

Mr.Ng: wah...seems like baby is growing now. U see ur belly...so big now...

me: *blush* are u sure that is baby bump? not sai-to (belly fat)?

Mr.Ng: hahaha...I think this must be sai-to (belly fat)

On my week 16:

me: *pointing at my big belly* look...look... my belly is growing now... can feel itchy around my belly nowadays... baby is growing fast...wow...

Mr.Ng: *look at me suspicious* u sure? lemme have a look

Mr.Ng: No la...this must be sai-to bump (belly fat)

me: what...sai-to bump again??walawee...u everytime tell me that's sai to bump (belly fat). Baby is growing inside la... siao (crazy) daddy

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