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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

weTalk: #9 Mommy or Mummy?

One Sunday night when Mr.Ng still on his way back to Singapore from JohorBahru with his family n friends while I just went back from Natas Fair and felt super exhausted...


me: wru? (texting him while in MRT)

*he suddenly called me*

Mr.Ng: Dear, We are still in Taman Sentosa. Where are you now? Home yet?

me: Not yet, still in MRT

Mr.Ng: OK, We are going home soon. Afraid it will be trafficjam in custom, so you go sleep first. Don't wait for me okay. Are you okay? tired today?

me: Ya...I'm so tired. Okay..then be careful a...

Mr.Ng: Ok Ok..so see u soon at home :)

*Reached home, bathed and text him*

me: Dear, I'm home le...

Mr.Ng: Ok.. you sleep first ya... Here traffic jam, just now Sis was being trapped in traffic for 3 hours... =.=! Soon will b home liao ok... Lope lope dearrr

*After he reached Singapore customs and whatsapp me*

Mr.Ng: Sleep yet?

me: almost... dear, be careful when you drive back a... don't rush ok

Mr.Ng: Just reached Singapore. Going to pee soon...Horrible traffic

me: hahahha ok ok....

Mr.Ng: Mlaysia stuckkk

me: use rubber band la hahahahha

Mr.Ng: Rubber band for?

me: tie it up cause you said you want to pee mah

Mr.Ng: Lol

me: OK, I sleep first

Mr.Ng: Ok, wan an

me: lope lope daddy :D

Mr.Ng: Lope loppy mummy

me: mommy or mummy?

Mr.Ng: Same same

me: Lol

Now I Know...
- Mom and mommy is American/Canadian
- Mum and mummy is British/Aussie
And also mummy is a preserved human...so I think I will use Mommy instead of Mummy so my kids won't confuse lol...

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